soberevolution Book Launch Team

Coming September 23rd from Stone Soup Publishing:

soberevolution: Evolve into Sobriety & Recover Your Alcoholic Marriage

Why Wait? You can start reading right now!

If you believe in the soberevolution – if you believe in our mission to crush the stigma associated with alcoholism, we’d love your help in spreading the word.

Please consider joining the soberevolution Book Launch Team to help us promote this innovative new approach to sobriety and alcoholic relationship recovery. Our success depends on the excitement surrounding the launch of this book, and you can make a big impact with little effort. Plus, you’ll receive bonuses available exclusively to book launch team members.

What are we asking of you?

  1. Please pre-order your Kindle version of soberevolution from now for only $9.99.
  2. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your order number so we can verify your purchase.
  3. We will reply to that email with a pdf copy of our book that our publisher is allowing us to send only to book launch team members. You can start reading right away (but please treat the pdf as confidential – NO SHARING, PLEASE).
  4. When the book is released September 23rd, please post an “Amazon Verified Buyer” review on

That’s it! That’s all we ask! We’ll send you a reminder email after the official book release date. Please post your review on the day you receive the reminder (if Amazon receives too many reviews on one day, they will reject them).

How will we thank you?

  1. You’ll get an exclusive copy of our book before the release date. Have you ever been an insider on a book release before (pretty cool, huh)?
  2. You’ll have the option to purchase a hardcover version of the book, signed by Matt or Sheri or both of us (your choice, and you won’t offend us – we know our stories resonate differently with different readers) for $20 delivered (no additional fees) to you in the United States. That’s basically at our cost to print, ship to us for inscriptions and signatures, and ship to you. The only other way to get a signed hardcover after release will be as a gift with a $40 donation to our nonprofit, Stigma. Your signed hardcover will be 50% off!
  3. You’ll have input on our future books! The opinions of leaders in the soberevolution are very important to us. If you join the soberevolution book launch team, you are a soberevolutionary!

Here’s the link to pre-order:

Kindle Pre-Order on Amazon

Please place your pre-order, send the order number to [email protected], and we’ll take it from there. We’ll send you the pdf and remind you when it is time to post your review.

Please be honest! We are asking for a review, not a good review or a fake review. Tell us and the world what you really think. Just please don’t go back on our agreement. If you join the book launch team and receive the pdf version pre-release, we expect you to keep your end of the bargain and post that review when prompted. There is a lot of trust in this transaction, and we are counting on you!

Thank you in advance for helping us to launch the soberevolution! If we want the change, we’ve got to be the change. Let’s crush the stigma together!