Hear How Sobriety Can Result in Divorce

Engagement and Wedding Rings RemovedWe all know that alcohol abuse wrecks relationships and destroys families. But getting sober doesn’t fix anything. Just like recovery from addiction requires hard work, when alcohol leaves a relationship, the couple must be prepared to address the damage the addiction caused.


Sometimes, hard work isn’t enough to save the marriage.

Please listen to Untoxicated Podcast Ep5 released this week. Jason and I interview my good friend, Simone Meyer, who is a couple of years into recovery from alcoholism. She tells a harrowing tale of pain and courage that has developed her into one of the strongest recovery warriors I know. But there was a steep price. Simone’s marriage dissolved shortly after she returned from rehab, and she is working hard to repair her relationships with her older children.


Simone has a message for us all. Alcoholism is a deadly beast and takes no prisoners. Her story is impactful and terrifying. It also sounds all too familiar to many of us who have fallen victim to alcohol addiction and are fighting our way back. I hope you’ll listen.


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