Our Most Popular Words Ever

Our most popular words ever.

“If we don’t find the trust we’ve never known, I’m not sure how we can continue.”


I wrote those words five years ago as part of the most popular post ever published on the Sober and Unashamed blog. The post is titled, “Inevitability of an Alcoholic Divorce.” I was about two-and-a-half years into recovery at the time, and I didn’t see how our marriage would survive sobriety. I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. Do you know what that feels like?


Our marriage did survive. In fact, it is thriving like I never thought possible. Our partnership is working because we both individually found the self-esteem to love ourselves so we could love and trust each other. And we found the self-esteem through vulnerability and authenticity. We talked honestly and we listened. To each other, but more importantly, to lots of other people. And our vulnerability was rewarded in ways we never imagined.


Now we challenge you to be vulnerable and authentic – not just within your partnership, but within your community, too.


We challenge you to share our most popular words ever with your people.


Click on either of the buttons below, copy the link, and post it to your social media. Email it to a friend you think might be struggling. Share the link in an internet forum where you turn for support. The sense of belonging that comes from not just receiving support, but also offering support, is life changing.


Share with a comment like, “I get this, do you?” If that is too personal and scary, maybe try the popular, “I don’t know who needs to read this.” Or, “This is where my friends, Sheri and Matt, were five years ago. Today they are doing great. I’m sharing because maybe their story will help others.”


Thousands of you read our blog or listen to our podcast without ever connecting with us directly. That is great. We thank you for reading and listening. But if you get something from our story, joining our support groups is not the only way you can pay it forward. You can be part of someone else’s solution right here and right now. Click one of the buttons below, copy the link, and share our most popular words ever.

Inevitability of an Alcoholic Divorce


The ninth episode of the Untoxicated Podcast is the first time Sheri spoke. She shared her pain, trauma and hope through her own emotions. It is raw, and it is important. Without this podcast episode, we would not be doing this work today. We challenge you to share it with your people. I guarantee that it will bring relief to someone in desperation.

Ep9 – Matt’s Wife on an Alcoholic Marriage

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