Untoxicated Podcast Ep3: My Story

Matt Salis: the Unashamed AlcoholicNew on the Untoxicated Podcast – Jason and I talk about my dance with addiction.

It started with sips from my dad’s beer when I was young, grew to experimentation in high school, graduated to constant binge drinking in college, developed into a daily habit in young adulthood, and metastasized into alcoholism as I plummeted into the pit of debilitating alcohol-induced depression.

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Maybe you’ll hear something that resonates with you. Maybe you’ll recognize this pattern of descent in the life of someone you love. Maybe you love me, and you want to hear me tell my story. Maybe you’ll hear something new – something that will surprise you.

Whatever brings you here, I invite you to listen to our podcast, and welcome your feedback. Thanks for your support!

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